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Prior to launching Sitka Projects, LLC Brad Bowsher earned his Highschool Diploma from Hillsboro High School in 1999 then went directly into the workforce full time as a carpenter for a local general contractor Evergreen Pacific. After 2 years of full time work Brad decided to head back to school and began his college career at Portland Community College in the Construction Technology program. While attending Portland Community College Brad maintained his employment as a carpenter with Evergreen Pacific. Brad then aimed his sites for a larger goal and applied to transfer to Oregon State University to major in Construction Engineering Management. During the 5 years of attendance at Oregon State from 2002-2007 Brad earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Construction Engineering Management while engaging in many different internships along the way such as, Carpenter with Evergreen Pacific, Franchise owner with College Pro Painters, Engineer Technician with Kerr Contractors, Survey Technician with AKS Engineering and Survey and Monument restoration with Benton County. Then shortly after graduation in late 2007 Brad launched his dream of running his own company and began Sitka Projects in early 2008.

Sitka Projects, LLC was launched March of 2008 by Brad Bowsher, Sitka Projects’ president and founder. The economic condition of the country during the company’s start-up was one of the worst since the Great Depression. Initially Sitka Projects pursued all projects that presented themselves and performed a wide variety of services to their clientele. Friends and family were influential in the success of Sitka Projects’ start-up and their support was vital as the company struggled to grow in the weak economy. As a new company it was important to reach out for support wherever we could in order to work toward Brad’s vision for the company.

In the first few months of Sitka Projects, the company’s only employee was its founder, Brad Bowsher. Brad worked tirelessly hanging door-knockers, flyers, and yard signs to gain any job that would lead to some cash flow. Working behind the scenes Brad’s wife, Kellie Bowsher, managed the companies back office and assisted with marketing. The first dollar earned for Sitka was for an architectural post replacement for one of Brad’s neighbors. The project was small and cost only $435.00. However, during the first year Sitka Projects began to make a positive name for itself and some momentum slowly started to build.

Woodworking and construction management have always been Sitka Projects’ strong suit. Sitka Projects began to turn its focus on woodworking and construction management as soon as they were able to be selective on the types of projects they bid on. The internal changes and raw growth during 2009 and 2010 began to pave the way for a new and improved Sitka Projects. Sitka Projects gained cutting edge project management, job costing, and cost estimating software. This was coupled by the launch of Sitka Projects’ own line of cabinetry.

In the third and fourth quarter of 2011 Sitka found its stride producing six-figure remodeling projects. These projects implemented Sitka Projects’ own line of cabinetry while also self-performing carpentry. We can now proudly say that Sitka Projects is competing against the top remodeling companies in our area. We offer design-build services for small and large remodels, additions and cabinetry work, and even have carpenters on call for small projects. Sitka Projects, LLC has not only endured the economic storm of recent years, but has thrived and continues to make its presence known in the construction industry. Sitka Projects has begun to fulfill the vision Brad Bowsher had when founding the company.