• I did a total kitchen, fireplace remodel, and staircase, hardwood floor refinish. The results were amazing and surpassed my expectations. Sitka used only high end subs and the work done was beautiful. I went over budget and time constraints but once it was pointed out to me what the end result would be it was worth every penny. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this company to any of my friends.


    Paula Novak
  • Sitka Projects & Remodeling is one of the best remodeling contractors in Portland I have had the pleasure of working with. These guys really have their stuff together with kitchen, home & bathroom remodeling in Portland and the METRO area. Three thumbs up Brad!

    Dustin L
  • I’ve used Brad and his crew several times for different projects. Always on time, professional workmanship and very reasonable. I recommend if you are having work done, you consider Sitka Projects. They treat your home like their very own.

    Robin Hand
  • We had a great experience with Sitka Projects. The kitchen in our 1927 Craftsman home was problematic — it was cramped, with incredibly outdated fixtures, few electrical outlets, cabinets that looked like they had been made in a high school woodworking class, and no dishwasher. Based on the impressive work Sitka did on our nextdoor neighbors’ kitchen, we gave them a call and subsequently met with Brad. He seemed really attuned to our needs. My wife and I are both teachers, and we had a somewhat limited amount to spend on the project. Brad assured us that we could get what we needed on the budget we proposed. We met with several other contractors, and felt that Brad was much more in sync with our vision than the other companies we met with. We decided to go with Sitka. We met with Toby Presnell who does the design and finish carpentry. He heard our ideas and came up with some great plans for a design of the kitchen. We decided to take out a small non-loadbearing wall and create a bench near the back of the kitchen that could function as a breakfast nook. Work began a few weeks later. Toby and his crew became welcome visitors in our house, and we couldn’t have been happier with them and their work. Sitka came in on budget and on time. We had allocated about five weeks for the project, which began at the end of January of 2014. Five weeks later we had a beautiful kitchen (with a dishwasher!). There were a couple of glitches—such as an old leaky pipe that revealed itself after the work was done, but Sitka was responsive and reasonable in dealing with the problem. The cabinetry is solid and stunning, and Sitka’s overall workmanship is very impressive. We love our new kitchen, and thanks go to Brad, Toby, and everyone at Sitka for creating it for us.

    Bruce Burkhartsmeier
  • Sitka has built and installed custom cabinets in 3 homes we have remodeled and all have turned out beautifully. The quality is top-of-the-line and the process is extremely smooth from design through to installation. We’ll definitely be using them in upcoming work.


    Kristian Thordarson
  • I have worked with Sitka on two remodeling projects now, and I was very pleased with the outcome of both projects. The first project was opening up a wall to the kitchen to create a formal dining room, and opening this new dining room to the outside with the addition of a sliding French door and a small transitional deck. This went well, so a year later, when we remodeled our kitchen, we worked exclusively with Sitka. As the owner of a 1927 home, each remodel came with some challenges. Two things stand out for me about Sitka as a remodeling partner; Quality & Communication. It’s always been important to me that the changes done, are consistent with the home’s character. Sitka got that right away. They saved molding and matched molding, so new trim looked just like old trim. When new trim was needed, we discussed options for milling or matching and the budgetary impact of these. When we designed the new kitchen, Sitka helped us match cabinets to windows for architectural consistency. The kitchen cabinetry and design, though clearly ‘modern’ fits the house like a glove. The work on both jobs was of very high quality. The cabinets are wonderful, the plaster on the walls that were redone looks practically identical to the original walls. The new and old flooring blends perfectly, and if you aren’t carefully looking for where the transition is, you cannot see it. Sitka ensured that everything was done perfectly. Also, with a 1927 home, there were several unanticipated challenges as we began each remodel. On the first, some structural issues were raised during permitting. And on the Kitchen remodel some truly ‘unique’ framing was uncovered which needed to be fixed. In both situations, Brad personally got involved. On the first project, Brad worked with the City employee to resolve the permitting issues. And in the second situation, he clearly explained the problem (though it was so bad it was evident to a novice like myself!) and he explained our options and the budgetary impact of these. In the end, we fixed some problems we didn’t know we had, with a very small impact to the budget. I cannot say enough about Sitka’s work. Both projects have significantly enhanced the livability of our home. Remodeling is a stressful event, and although my husband and I went through the usual homeowner ups and downs, Sitka was with us all the way. Almost every day we were able to talk to the team working on the project and see what was completed and what was up the next day. When we had questions about the project, we heard back right away from Brad or Toby. They let us know what decisions we had not made and when we would need to make them by. When I had doubts or reservations about some little, probably insignificant item, Brad patiently listened, explained and helped me to gain perspective. Working with Sitka made a stressful time, much less stressful. I am very glad we had them as our remodeler, and I expect if I ever get around to our bathroom remodel, I will work with them again. They are a great group to work with and they do excellent work.


    Heather Cassavoy
  • Brad Bowsher took the time to establish a trust relationship through the bidding process and did not disappoint throughout the entire project. This was a complete bathroom remodel involving extensive and lengthy tile removal just to get through the preparatory stage. This of necessity extended the completion date, but everyone adapted well. The new vanity and cabinetry was top notch, and in the end, everything pulled together beautifully. Both Sitka’s subcontractors and their in-house personnel were all extremely competent and pleasant to work with. I would highly recommend Sitka for any remodeling needs.

    Mk Isaac
  • work done: converted existing antiquated elevator shaft into larger shaft to accommodate new elevator, reinforcing new shaft, carving out portions of several rooms and part of garage, refinishing those rooms, finishing elevator interior to match trim of house including installing marble tile floor, rebuilding shelves/cupboard in garage, installing new trap-door ladder to attic, removing old oven cabinet and building new cabinet to house new appliance. customer experience: From the start it was obvious that Brad is sincere about understanding what customers are looking for so that he gets the job done right. I appreciated the fact that at the beginning he requests a retainer to do the design piece, which he credits later to the bill if hired to do the project. Though that might be off-putting to some people as it it not the industry norm, I actually think it makes sure both customer and contractor have some skin in the game, and therefore are more invested in collaborating. He is careful and methodical, and asks a lot of questions. As we have an older home, once his team started the demo work, then inevitably thorny problems arose, but he consulted with us and suggested some creative solutions that worked out quite well – especially a tricky turn in one hallway involved in a bedroom entryway. One member of his team – Ryan – should be particularly called out for the meticulous work he did to make sure that the new construction matched the existing decorative elements. When towards the end of the elevator project our oven suddenly conked out on us, Brad’s team were able to step in quickly to demo the existing oven cabinet and build a new one to fit a larger pair or ovens. Their flexibility and responsiveness to this unanticipated need emblematizes the excellent customer service they provide. We would definitely work with them again for any large or small project.

    Mark Thompson