Tricks to Building in the Northwest

Thinking of building in the Pacific Northwest? Oregon home renovations should not be done without serious forethought, due to building requirements that are unique to this state. If you have a major home project in mind, consult with a contractor that provides remodeling services in Portland to make sure your dreams are feasible, considering the Northwest’s quirks. A few of those quirks are listed below.

Building Aspects Unique to the Pacific Northwest

  • Eco-friendly design. The Pacific Northwest is home to proud tree huggers as the area has some of the biggest proponents and pioneers of sustainable living. Consider using sustainable materials in your remodeling project.
  • Rain. It’s no secret: it rains a lot in the Pacific Northwest. One of the big issues Oregon builders face is moisture retention in dry walls and insulation. For this reason, it’s especially important to hire a trustworthy contractor with a good reputation for building in the Pacific Northwest. To protect yourself, research contractors’ ratings at Angie’s List and the BBB before signing any contracts.
  • Roof problems. Good gutters are essential to prolonging the roof of your Northwest home. Gutters that are in good shape prevent water from pooling and moss growth on a roof. Beyond roof concerns, moss growth and pooling water can cause extensive mold and water damage to a home.
  • Lack of daylight. People that live in the Pacific Northwest sometimes joke that there are only three months of sunshine and nine months of darkness here. While this saying is an exaggeration, the nights are certainly long during the fall and winter months. To help ward-off seasonal affective disorder (SAD), install extra skylights and additional ambient lighting. Installing extra mirrors can also increase the amount of light in a home without requiring new outlets or light fixtures.

The Pacific Northwest is a beautiful place to live, but it has its own special requirements when it comes to building. Before attempting an Oregon home remodel on your own, contact a professional remodeler for some professional advice.

[photo: Sitka Projects, LLC