Bathroom Remodel: Shower vs. Bathtub?

bathroom makeover pic, bathroom remodel, bathroom makeovers, bathtub remodel, bathroom shower remodelAre you dreaming about transforming your utilitarian bathroom into a soothing oasis? You’re not alone. As the country slowly emerges from the recession, homeowners across the country are attacking this tiny but important room, and no wonder. In today’s hectic digital environment, the bathroom is the final sanctuary; it’s the only place where you can lock the door and just relax. In fact, according to  ABC News, the average American spends 2 weeks a year in the bathroom.  Certainly, a bathroom remodel is worthwhile; the question is how to go about it. As you imagine your ideal bathroom, one of the first questions you’ll need to answer is whether to install a shower or bath.  This article contrasts these two fixtures, offering benefits and downsides to each.

Depending on the location of your home, a shower may bring a higher resale value, since most homeowners now prefer larger glass “party showers” with glass walls and several  high-end shower heads. Moreover, environmentalists advocate for showers, simply because they use less water. A five-minute shower uses far less water than filling up an entire bathtub. Showers are also much quicker than baths, so if you’re the type who needs to dash out of the house quickly, a shower is your best bet. Additionally, many people say they feel cleaner after taking a shower; such individuals claim taking a bath is akin to wallowing in your own filth.

Space is another aspect to consider when remodeling a bathroom. If your bathroom is cramped, a shower stall is best, since it will take up far less room than a bathtub. Today, even a small custom shower can feel light and spacious, thanks to glass enclosures. Finally, seniors appreciate showers, which are easier to safely enter and exit than bathtubs. If you’re nearing retirement age, shower remodeling is a good idea, to ensure that you can clean up without taking a nasty fall.

Bathtubs do have one advantage over showers: they provide a spot for extreme relaxation in your own home. Showers are invigorating and perhaps more cleansing, but many people appreciate the luxury of a long soak in the tub.  Additionally, if your family includes young children, a bathtub is a great idea, since washing the kiddos is much easier in a bathtub.

Of course, if you have the space, a full bath (with both a shower and a bathtub) is wonderful. Then you can let the bathee decide whether to take a shower or a bath. Although 80% of today’s homebuyers prefer showers, realtors still advocate having at least one full bath in your home to improve its resale value.

Whether you go for a shower remodel or a bathtub remodel, you’ll need to find a local remodeling contractor that you can trust.  Home improvement professionals can draw from years of experience to provide bathroom remodeling ideas that you hadn’t considered. With advice from a licensed contractor, you’ll be able to relax in your new private oasis, knowing that everything was installed properly the first time. Sitka Projects is a Portland, Oregon remodeling provider that you can trust.

Top photo: Sitka Projects LLC