Bathroom Remodeling Portland Oregon

Our client in this particular situation came to us in need.  He just moved to Oregon from Texas and bought a nice little home in NE Portland.  The first night he went to take a shower he stepped through his shower pan…..not good!  He was very cautious while shopping around for contractors, I don’t blame him.  He found our name on Angie’s list and gave us call.  We removed his old shower and built him the custom tile shower of his dreams.  With the custom glass shower door, our never leak shower-pan and wall system he spent around $7K on the shower.  He will never have a leaky shower problem again.  He gathered approximately 7 estimates….yes that is large amount, again I don’t blame him.  Our pricing was not the lowest but also was not the highest, we just understand what it takes to the do the job properly with out any problems.  Our client is super happy not only with the final product of the bathroom remodel but with the process in general.  Sitka Projects really enjoys performing bath room remodels in Portland Oregon, we understand what it takes to make things water tight and look gorgeous!!  Enjoy the shower!!

Tile installation in shower
Sitka Projects, LLC installs tile. This shower turned out fantastic