Commercial remodeling: Retail Space Remodeling Tips

Commercial building contractors' project in Portland ORRemodeling is a great way to give any retail store an updated look that is more customer-friendly. A successful commercial remodeling project should make the retail location look more attractive and welcoming, while also increasing efficiency and comfort for employees. That’s a pretty big goal, but it’s quite achievable once you find the right resources. To brainstorm ideas on retail remodeling, scope out your favorite retail locations, taking notes on design elements that work well.  Then, enlist commercial construction contractors to give you information about the latest trends in retail spaces. If you are giving your retail space a facelift, consider the following tips to help you give your location a leg up on the competition.

Find a Reliable Contractor

Before you shop for a commercial construction contractor out of the phonebook, ask other business owners or the area’s chamber of commerce for recommendations. When you are remodeling, the time it takes to complete the process can take away from the time your store is open to customers, so it’s crucial to hire a contractor that’s great with deadlines. Additionally, look for commercial construction contractors that are licensed, bonded, and insured. Check out Angie’s List to find commercial remodeling firms with reputations for reliability and good time management. Additionally, do not be afraid to ask a contractor to meet with you before you make a final hiring decision. If a contractor does not arrive to a preliminary meeting on time, you may have good clue about what working with him will be like.

Make a Great First Impression

One of the business world’s top rules is to make a good first impression. This rule, however, extends beyond person-to-person transactions– your retail space also makes an impression on customers. Aim for a look that intrigues and welcomes customers as they look in the windows or enter the store.

To make your customers feel safe, create a layout that allows customers to visually scan the entire store as they enter. This ensures that the customer can navigate throughout the space with ease. Further enhance the customer experience with shelving units that are not too tall, aisle spaces that are comfortably wide and merchandise that is beautifully arranged in a logical manner.

Use Light to Your Advantage

Good lighting attracts new clients, since humans are drawn to well-lit locations. Lighting can also create a certain mood and spotlight products you want to accentuate. Often, retail locations with low ambient light use track lights to point customers to featured merchandise, in the same way that spotlights illuminate actors on a stage. To create a relaxed mood while complementing products, build lights into shelves and custom cabinets. Skin care and spa retail locations often use this technique. Overall, as you plan your commercial remodel, think about the mood that you want to create in your retail space and light it accordingly.

Paint According to Your Goal

Different colors trigger different emotions. Humans have appreciated this fact for millennia—for instance, the ancient Egyptians and Chinese practiced chromatherapy, or healing through colors. Today, many medical professionals are skeptical about the long-term healing power of color, but it is generally accepted that color exerts a powerful short-term influence on a person’s mood. For example, the color orange makes most people feel cheerful.  Paint your retail space in a color that will help you achieve your commercial goals.

If you own a bakery, it would be wise to choose the color red, which is known to make individuals feel hungry. Green is a color that can trigger emotions such as growth, health and hope—great for a location that promotes wellness or sells plants. The color blue promotes the feeling of love, tranquility, acceptance and understanding—perfect for a retail store that sells spa products or gifts. Yellow is known to boost a customer’s memory and can help them feel joyful, smart and organized—ideal for a store that sells stationery products or organization solutions. Use colors to produce emotions that complement your product line.

Remodel to Enhance Your Brand

Your retail space should celebrate your products, but also show the breadth and depth of your company’s brand as a whole. When a customer shops at your retail space, they are not only judging what you sell, but also how the space leaves an impression on her. In fact, Northwestern University professor of marketing Philip Kotler has written, “In some cases, the place, more specifically the atmosphere of the place, is more influential than the product itself in the purchasing decision.”

Retail space remodeling can be an intimidating process. However, as providers of Portland remodeling services, we here at Sitka Projects can say that retail owners who plan carefully achieve excellent remodeling results. Knowing your target audience, having a firm grasp on your goals for the customer experience, and throwing in a bit of creativity are the first steps in making a mediocre retail space explode with life.

[photo: Sitka Projects]