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Houzz Pro Spotlight: Get a Kitchen You Can Thrive In

Good kitchen design can make you feel like an all-star chef, this Portland-area design-build pro says

Bradley Bowsher of Sitka Projects gives pro tips for renovating your kitchen on!

“You don’t have to be a professional to know that your kitchen isn’t working for you. Hating the location of the freezer or needing more storage for cups — that’s valuable information.”

Whether you’re preparing a five-course meal or microwaving leftover pizza, it’s difficult to function in a dysfunctional kitchen. Bradley Bowsher — the owner of Sitka Projects, a design-build firm in Cornelius — helps clients optimize their kitchens every day.

“Kitchens are complicated spaces,” Bowsher says. “There are codes to meet and tasks to perform, and everyone uses their spaces differently. The whole place needs to be ergonomic for the chef and the guests alike.”

Ready to renovate? Master your kitchen using our tips below:

  1. Personalize Your Storage
  2. Consider Your Work Triangle
  3. Keep Your Fridge on the Fringe

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