Innovative Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Customize your kitchen with original cabinet doors that can increase your functionality, hide clutter, and maximize your kitchen space.  There are a variety of options to choose from besides the basic side-by-side cabinet doors that are common in every kitchen.  Using one of these innovative cabinet doors will give your kitchen personality in addition to solving the problem of what to do with a potentially awkward area.



Tambour doors consist of horizontal or vertical slats that roll up and down, or into the side, by sliding along vertical or horizontal tracks.  Tambour doors are a great way to utilize small spaces or hide messy objects that you need to access on a regular basis. Use a tambour door to store appliances, house a coffee bar complete with cups and saucers, or to store your everyday essentials like paper and pens.



Track/Sliding kitchen cabinet doors slide side-to-side on a ball-bearing track. Slide one door in front of the other to access the inside of each cabinet.  Using sliding cabinet doors in your kitchen will eliminate having to constantly open and close traditional hinged doors.  This could be particularly useful in an area, like a spice cabinet, where it would be convenient to leave the cabinet open while you are cooking, without having to dodge the open door.



Bi-fold cabinet doors give you full access to the adjustable shelves within while a hydraulic hinge lift keeps the door in position after opening.  Use bi-fold cabinet doors as a modern alternative to traditional side-by-side cabinets.



Flip-up cabinet doors do just what they sound like, they flip up.  The hinge mechanism holds the door open allowing easy access to materials inside the cupboard.  These fun kitchen cabinet doors are another modern/contemporary option that will add character to your kitchen.




Pocket doors have a small internal pocket built into each side of the cabinet.  When closed, they look like the rest of your cabinets, however, when open they slide back into themselves and are out of the way.  This is a great option for smaller kitchens where floor space needs to be conserved.


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