Just a ball-park, How much do you think it will cost?

Cost is an interesting topic in the construction industry and here is why.  First and foremost construction is NOT a commodity.  Ordering the bathroom or kitchen remodel of your dreams is not like ordering a meal at a restaurant or buying a car.  You won’t be able to take your shower for a test drive so to speak.  This industry revolves around tangible samples of product, drawings, mach-ups, knowledge of products and reputation to name a few.

Remodeling specifically is a more involved estimating process.  The reason for this is because we are tying into existing conditions, working on a home that in most cases is occupied, working around existing FINISHED conditions and possibly discovering issues covered up during the original construction.   The information required to answer the simple question of  “What are we building?” is time consuming to create, however this must be answered before we can look the next question…”How much will it cost?”  To assist in answering the question that owners really need to know; “Is this project realistic with-in my budget?” We suggest looking into the Cost vs. Value report for your area.


This helps to bridge the gap between committing to the project by way of a design or not committing at all and looking into other possible solutions that will yield results.  This chicken and egg scenario is extremely common.  The Remodeling Cost vs. Value report is a great way to determine the appropriate direction for all parties involved.