Kitchen Remodel – Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Sheet Rock

Kitchen Dry wall
Sheet Rock installation

The installation and the location of the mechanical, electrical and plumbing components in a complete kitchen remodel are vital to the project’s success.  Sitka only uses licensed specialty tradesman to perform these tasks.  Over the years Sitka has developed a fantastic team of sub-contractors and vendors while staying true to what we do best; general contracting and fantastic wood work.  We place the “rough-out” locations in their specific locations according to the plans we create with the owner.  These locations are determined based off the custom cabinetry specifications.  Items such as gas lines, plugs, switches, water lines, vents, drains, and access panels are carefully considered prior to their placement in the field.  GFCI outlets are utilized per code, dedicated circuits are installed depending on appliance requirements, plumbing is updated, and new gas lines ran.  

In our experience, opening up old plumbing (galvanized pipe) in one section of the home can cause clogs in mixing valves in other sections of the home due to rust.  Water heater replacement or a re-pipe may be necessary.  Sitka suggests replacing all mixing valves, angle stops, water lines, and p-trap assemblies in the area of the remodel work at a minimum.  It is more cost effective to perform this now than down the road.  

I took this photo of our sheet rock team Thursday morning during a site visit.  We have insulated the exterior wall and the ceiling for acoustics.  The owners of this kitchen will be pleased with a traditional smooth wall finish.  We typically roll the paint on the walls to give a slight stipple texture.  The project is coming together.  We will have paint and cabinets going in this week!