Portland Home Improvement – Time Crunch? Were here to help!

Porch/Roof Addition

Many projects can be seasonal due to the nature of residential homes. Home Additions can come down to last minute details of a thermal layer that just needs to be done before the weather. Our seasoned professionals are ready for that challenge and step-in to get the job done. Home Remodeling such as this project we currently took on required timely delivery of a roof for the addition which had been almost completed. Due to the time of the season, there was a small window of opportunity to get it done because of inclement weather.

Tying Into Original Home

It is crucial to have the thermal layer on any addition or remodel before any interior work is performed. This prevents any damage to existing or new electrical work, insulation, etc. In this situation penetration of the home had to occur in order to build the roof structure over the backside of the home.