Portland Home Remodel – Post Replacement, Stair Construction, Metal Railings…We Do It All.

Steel Railing for Porch Stairs

Kitchen Remodels is a specialty for Sitka Projects along with any other project may it be exterior or interior. We took on a porch remodel at a Beaverton residence recently and created custom stair to the owner’s specifications. One of the signature pieces for the stairs was the railing installed. This steel railing was custom fabricated to fit perfectly within the confines of the previously constructed stairs. The owner was very happy with the ending product and the railing was also solid enough to assist in climbing the stairs.

Porch Post Replacement and Stairs

These types of jobs take a lot of planning and communication with owner to get exactly what they want. It may be a small detail but Sitka will focus on every aspect of the project and prevail at the end as the contractor who can deliver.