Portland Kitchen Cabinet Remodel – Out with the Old, In with the New

The inside of the boxes on the left have been stained so they can have beautiful glass doors.

Sitka Projects, LLC took on a remodel of cabinetry in a residential kitchen.  Among the required conditions, it was requested to use the same layout of the original cabinetry but create more economic and useful space.  Using a lazy susan, roll out storage, and other modern amenities, the required space is accomplished.  As seen in the picture to the right, all access to the plumbing and electrical that had to be altered has now been covered up with a standard drywall patch so the cabinets can go against a smooth surface.  Texture has also been applied to match original texturing of the orange peel wall and hand brocade ceiling.

Once preparation is done, our skilled carpenters install the cabinet boxes that are composed of pre-finished maple interiors.  Upon request, some interiors are stained as seen in the picture to the left.  These cabinets are carefully installed making sure every door functions properly and all countertop space is level.  The progress is significant and the final product pictures are to come!