Protecting your home during renovations

At Sitka Projects we know that having your house remodeled is a major inconvenience.  Aside from having people in and out of your house all day, we know that the mess involved is enough to make anyone cringe.  That’s why we take every precaution we can to keep the renovation dust and clutter out of the rest of your house.  Protective floor coverings, plastic to seal off doorways, and magnetic dust barrier doors are a few of the protective measures we implement to achieve this.  At the end of every workday tools are picked up and stored in a clean Sitka Projects utility trailer leaving your house free of construction clutter.  Below are some pictures of current projects showing these various ways we keep your house clean.


Magnetic dust barrier doors allow us to move from room to room if needed without bringing the dust with us.



Protective plastic over additional doorways prevents dust from getting in the rest of your house.



We cover existing structures, like a mantel, to protect them from dust, paint, and debris.



Floor covering keeps dirt from getting on your floors.



1/4″ Masonite boards on the floor allows us to move heavy items, such as cabinets, without scratching or denting the floor underneath.