Sitka Projects – Recipient of the 2013 ORA Award in the category “Commercial”

We are proud to announce that Sitka Projects is the recipient of the 2013 Outstanding Remodeling Achievement Award in the category – Commercial!

Each year, the Oregon Remodelers Association/NARI holds its ORA (Outstanding Remodeling Achievement) Awards competition. Winners are judged in the areas of design, craftsmanship, and how well the remodelers filled the needs and wants of their clients.

Below is Sitka Project’s submission in this category.




The owners of this sports bar and pub needed a new wall portion of the bar.  The building was originally a historic electric station built in 1931.  Initially, the owners visualized the back bar constructed out of mahogany to match the existing wood.   However, due to cost and availability, the appearance of mahogany was created using fir, oak and sapele.

To create the wall portion of the bar, two columns were constructed on the wall behind it, one on each side of the upper back bar area with a header between them.  The customer chose to have large mirrors behind glass shelves to display the bottles of alcohol.  Secure storage lockers, also known as prohibition lockers, were needed directly below the header section.  In order to achieve this, 18 doors with custom stainless steel diamond grid panels were installed.  Concealed hinges were used to mount the doors and each individual locker has a brass door lock.

A unique feature of this project is the sliding ladder system which was necessary to reach the majority of the bottles and the prohibition lockers.  A mahogany ladder was not available, so red oak was stained to match.  The ladder is capable of reaching all the bottles on the wall and stores away nicely near the cashier area when not in use.

There were a few obstacles to overcome during this project.

  • The concrete walls in the building required innovative thinking to effectively and securely attach materials. Our solution was to bolt nailers to the concrete so we could attach the two columns and the header. To give the needed support for the 3/8″ glass shelving brackets, we used 5/8″ grade plywood backing.
  • A tight deadline of 2 weeks to completion, created a rush to order parts.  The entire “back bar” of this build was created using our CAD software and all parts were ordered using predetermined sizes based on our design.  This was risky; it was essentially all or nothing.  The entire assembly came together nicely and the owners were thrilled to open on time!

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Below are the judging criteria, as outlined on the ORA Website.

An anonymous panel of remodeling professionals composed of six judges does an extensive review of the entries. In the rare event that a judge recognizes the work and is able to identify the contractor, he/she is excused from judging that entry.

• CLARITY: Explain how the needs of the client were met and how the existing structure was enhanced functionally and aesthetically. Provide evidence of superior craftsmanship, innovative use of materials and/or methods, and challenges overcome by the contractor.

• BREVITY: Remember the judge has only a limited amount of time to review your entry. Be succinct; stick to key points and avoid lengthy paragraphs of information.

• PHOTOGRAPHY: Professional photography is required, because the winners are featured in the Oregon Remodeling Sourcebook. The pictures are the only visual representations the judges will have of your work.


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