Sitka Projects – Recipient of two 2014 ORA Awards!

We are proud to announce that Sitka Projects is the recipient of two 2014 Outstanding Remodeling Achievement Awards in the categories – Residential Interior Under 100k and Residential Kitchen 40k – 80k!

Each year, the Oregon Remodelers Association/NARI holds its ORA (Outstanding Remodeling Achievement) Awards competition. Winners are judged in the areas of design, craftsmanship, and how well the remodelers filled the needs and wants of their clients.

An anonymous panel of remodeling professionals composed of six judges does an extensive review of the entries. In the rare event that a judge recognizes the work and is able to identify the contractor, he/she is excused from judging that entry.

Below are the judging criteria, as outlined on the ORA Website.

• CLARITY: Explain how the needs of the client were met and how the existing structure was enhanced functionally and aesthetically. Provide evidence of superior craftsmanship, innovative use of materials and/or methods, and challenges overcome by the contractor.

• BREVITY: Remember the judge has only a limited amount of time to review your entry. Be succinct; stick to key points and avoid lengthy paragraphs of information.

• PHOTOGRAPHY: Professional photography is required, because the winners are featured in the Oregon Remodeling Sourcebook. The pictures are the only visual representations the judges will have of your work.

Below are Sitka Project’s submissions in these categories:



This dramatic kitchen remodel fully utilized the expertise of our kitchen designer to maximize storage and problem solve some unique areas of the kitchen. The client’s main goal was to transform their old-fashioned kitchen into an updated traditional style that fit their 1920’s home.  As clients who love to cook, one professionally, an efficient kitchen for ease of food preparation, cooking and hosting was paramount. In addition, it was important for the clients to have increased lighting, additional storage, and new kitchen flooring to match the existing red oak floor.


  • Subway tile backsplash with color tile inlay
  • Island with large food prep area near range
  • Dishwasher addition
  • Relocated hood and range top and double ovens
  • Additional lighting – including under cabinet lights, can lights, and light fixtures
  • New tower cabinetry
  • Custom drawer organizers and knife drawer
  • Slide out cookie sheet organizer and pot/pan storage shelves
  • Over the refrigerator cabinet organizer
  • Floor to ceiling spice rack
  • Built in microwave
  • Display cabinets in the island and upper cabinets
  • Red oak flooring


  1. Odd, shallow area around old chimney.  Solution: Custom floor to ceiling spice cabinet
  2. Old addition with improperly sistered ceiling joists.  Solution: Replaced joists
  3. Improper old post made of shims, 2×4’s and electrical wires.  Solution: Replaced post
  4. New kitchen flooring to match existing flooring in the remainder of the house. Had to remove multiple layers of old laminate flooring.  Solution: Seamlessly stitch in new kitchen floor with 2″, blind nailed, red oak floor matching the rest of the house.

1-Cassavoy Kitchen-001



***View more pictures on this kitchen: “Classic White” Kitchen Remodel***



The owners of this 1950, three level home were in desperate need of a more functional kitchen, open living space, updated finishes and structural repairs. Too many walls and doors on the main floor made it feel small and uninviting. The client also had concerns about the sagging ceiling and wanted to be very sure it was fixed correctly and safely. A proposed floor plan was drawn up so the client could see which walls would be removed.

First, all the wall and ceiling covers had to be removed to expose the existing framing. Ten existing joists were found incorrectly spliced. Two posts were resting on the floor with no direct load path. Adding to the challenge were the walls made of CMU blocks with firing strips. All the existing electrical and plumbing was originally built into the CMU walls. The existing windows were set in steel frames and mortared in, so everything was done without disturbing them. A noteworthy discovery was the toilet. When flushed, the client could hear it gurgle up thru the shower drain releasing foul odors.


  • Remove walls in the kitchen, dining room, stairway and living room
  • Correctly sister existing joists and add full length joists
  • Install 3 new beams
  • Add posts on main level and basement level to create proper load path
  • Use hydraulic jacks to level building
  • Re-plumb and vent shower to correct odor problem
  • Carefully saw cut all new electrical & plumbing into the CMU walls
  • Install backsplash electrical outlets in the kitchen as under cabinet plug moldings
  • Build cabinetry to fit existing windows
  • Straighten stairs and move door

Superior craftsmanship is evident in every aspect of this remarkable project, from the structure made as plumb and level as possible, to the maple flooring, custom cherry cabinets, glass tile backsplash and quartz countertop. The client is extremely happy with their new open, inviting floor plan that gives them a functional living space they are proud of. They now have a real dining room, a great room and a kitchen including ample storage and even a dishwasher.





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