Mark Thompson

Work done: converted existing antiquated elevator shaft into larger shaft to accommodate new elevator, reinforcing new shaft, carving out portions of several rooms and part of garage, refinishing those rooms, finishing elevator interior to match trim of house including installing marble tile floor, rebuilding shelves/cupboard in garage, installing new trap-door ladder to attic, removing old oven cabinet and building new cabinet to house new appliance.

Customer experience: From the start it was obvious that Brad is sincere about understanding what customers are looking for so that he gets the job done right. I appreciated the fact that at the beginning he requests a retainer to do the design piece, which he credits later to the bill if hired to do the project. Though that might be off-putting to some people as it it not the industry norm, I actually think it makes sure both customer and contractor have some skin in the game, and therefore are more invested in collaborating. He is careful and methodical, and asks a lot of questions. As we have an older home, once his team started the demo work, then inevitably thorny problems arose, but he consulted with us and suggested some creative solutions that worked out quite well – especially a tricky turn in one hallway involved in a bedroom entryway. One member of his team – Ryan – should be particularly called out for the meticulous work he did to make sure that the new construction matched the existing decorative elements. When towards the end of the elevator project our oven suddenly conked out on us, Brad’s team were able to step in quickly to demo the existing oven cabinet and build a new one to fit a larger pair or ovens. Their flexibility and responsiveness to this unanticipated need emblematizes the excellent customer service they provide. We would definitely work with them again for any large or small project.