Tips for Choosing Bathroom Cabinets

Well-designed  bathroom cabinets maximize crucial storage space in the room most likely to suffer from clutter. Unfortunately, bathroom storage is often limited to the space underneath the sink and a mirrored medicine cabinet. Installing custom cabinets can completely change how your bathroom looks and feels. As professional providers of remodeling services in Portland, we’ve gathered a few tips for choosing the best bathroom cabinets for your home.

When choosing bathroom cabinets:

  • Understand your space. Before deciding on your favorite bathroom cabinet design, know your storage priorities. For example, you may want cabinets in a powder room so guests do not see supplies, such as toilet paper, out in the open. Thinking ahead can help you decide on the best materials to use and prevent you from purchasing what you do not need.
  • Plan a budget. Installing new bathroom cabinets is considerably less expensive than replacing kitchen cabinets, but it’s still important to spend your remodeling money wisely. Enlisting the assistance of a remodeling service can help you find the best cabinets within your budget.
  • Look at trends for inspiration. Look to design magazines and showrooms to find versatile, unique cabinet options beyond wood types and cabinet colors.  One hot trend right now is lighted custom cabinetry for displaying favorite photos. Another current trends is installing power outlets inside cabinets where electric razors and toothbrushes may be charged while keeping them off the counter.  Built-in cabinets for television sets are also in vogue.

Planning is key in any remodeling project, and is especially important in bathroom remodels. Having a carefully constructed plan for your cabinet makeover will help maximize space and maintain your budget. Hiring an experienced cabinet contractor can make the whole process so easy that you’ll likely end up wondering why you did not install custom bathroom cabinets earlier.

photo: drcornelius]