Traditional style kitchen remodel during demolition

Demolition phase of kitchen remodel
Complete kitchen remodels require extensive demolition

This kitchen remodel takes place in a nearly 100 year old Portland, Oregon home.  Working on older homes has its advantages and disadvantages.  From Sitka’s perspective the advantage is the shear character that homes of this period possess.  The disadvantage is that that the technology during the original construction is not what it is today.  Energy efficiency, electrical, and plumbing components are a few examples of how modern technology has made residential living better.  This is where we come in.  Sitka is able to stay true to the character of the home while providing modern creature comforts.

Protecting the existing finishes of the home especially during the demolition process is paramount.  Before we begin a project we  ensure the finishes to remain are properly covered or sealed off.  This is important and crucial to the success of the project.  It is important to understand the vitality of dust control, lead containment, and overall project cleanliness.  This demolition project has produced approximately 4.5 tons of debris that was properly bagged, sealed, and disposed of by trained personnel.  2.5 tons of the material came from the old chimney stack that ran through all 4 levels of the home.  Sitka was able to dismantle the chimney stack without demolishing any of the internal walls.  We dropped it from the bottom.  Only experienced professionals should attempt this.

This morning I dug through 3 layers of vinyl flooring to discover the original Doug-fir flooring below.  In a situation like this the chances of salvaging this floor are less than 5%.  We will not be re-finishing this floor.   The owners of this project have elected to install new oak flooring to match the rest of the top nailed original oak in the home.  It may be hard to imagine how this demolished kitchen can become a magnificent blend of contemporary technology and traditional woodwork in a matter 6 weeks, however with Sitka Projects custom cabinetry and our dedicated team of construction managers, it will.  The overall investment from the owners of this Portland, Oregon kitchen remodel will be approximately $80,000.00.