What Siding Repairs Can Do for You and Your Home’s Value

Aluminum and vinyl siding requires far less maintenance than wood siding, but it’s still not totally maintenance-free. Any exterior structure will require regular maintenance to offset the effects of the elements. If siding panels are coming loose, it’s time to look into siding repair. Although major manufacturers often imply that homeowners must replace all siding at once, the truth is that siding home improvement can be as simple as reattaching the problematic panels. A dependable local contractor can usually complete such aluminum siding repair or vinyl siding repair quickly and at a low cost to the homeowner.

The return on investment for siding repair is great. By replacing damaged panels and securing loose panels, you can improve the appearance of your whole home, and at a low cost. If you’re thinking of selling your home, siding repair is an affordable way to boost your selling price. In fact, siding is one of the first things that a potential homeowner notices. As the saying goes, first impressions are important, and replacing siding ensures that potential buyers won’t be turned off by their first view of your home. Just as people often harshly judge others with missing or cracked teeth, homebuyers tend to avoid homes with chipped exterior paint or siding problems. By repairing loose siding, you’ll boost your home’s sale value.

Another benefit of siding home improvement is increased energy efficiency. The siding acts as an extra layer of insulation; it is like a super tough layer of skin for your home. Wind, rain, and snow can get underneath loosened siding, meaning that you have to pay higher heating costs to keep your home at a comfortable temperature in the cold season. In this way, repairing broken siding can lower your heating costs. Although many people wouldn’t expect it, repairing aluminum or vinyl siding can also decrease outside noise. Just as the elements have an easier time getting through broken siding, loud noises penetrate your home more easily when there are broken or bent siding panels.

The final and most important reason to repair siding has to do with structural integrity. Broken siding allows moisture and heat to penetrate your home’s exterior. Termites and wood ants also have an easier time accessing your home’s framing via broken siding. Siding maintenance ensures that your home’s skeleton (the framework) will stay strong for decades to come.

Overall, repairing siding is an easy, quick, and inexpensive way to boost your home’s value. By securing aluminum and vinyl siding panels that have come loose, you can wow potential buyers, increase property value, boost energy efficiency, block unwanted noise, and protect your home’s core structure. If your siding has a few problem areas, it’s wise to contact a trustworthy local contractor who can figure out why siding is coming loose and provide a free estimate for repair costs.

Photo: Crystal Woroniuk