Why You Should Consider a Kitchen Cabinet Update

Even if you’re not interested in a full-on remodel, updating your kitchen cabinets can be a great way to fall in love with your kitchen again, especially if you’ve been living with the same old cabinets for years.  Not only do new cabinets look great, but custom cabinetry can help solve flow and organization problems as well. If you need a new look for your kitchen cabinet, Portland, OR designers can give you ideas that will match your needs and budget.

Great Reasons to Get a Kitchen Cabinet Update:

Accessibility. Got corner cabinets you can only get into by crouching on the floor and contorting your upper body into a painful position? How about top shelves you haven’t bothered to peek at in years? Many older kitchens weren’t necessarily designed with accessibility as a priority. If you’re constantly at war with a troublesome kitchen cabinet, redesigning the space for easier access with features such as pull-out trays or lazy Susan corner cabinets can help you regain control of your kitchen.

Straining, stretching and even using a footstool to reach items in your cabinets can cause accidental injuries. Moreover, if you are disabled, you may find it impossible to use your kitchen’s cabinets. New custom cabinets tailored to your needs can alleviate these problems and create a comfortable place to prepare meals.

Space and efficiency. Your countertops only have so much room for small appliances, cookbooks, and favorite ingredients. If your best kitchen organizer is a lazy Susan, it’s time to take a look at what you’ve been missing. Today’s kitchen cabinets offer all sorts of built-in organizing solutions, from roll-out trays to countertop doors that swing up to provide storage for small appliances such as mixers and coffee makers. Your kitchen cabinets should revolve around two basic organizing principles: keeping your countertops clear for food preparation and allowing you one-step access to the items you use most.

Updating your kitchen cabinets and even installing new ones will increase the efficiency of your kitchen and make it appear larger. Once the blender, mixer, and food processor all have their own easily accessible storage spaces, you’ll find yourself cooking more and enjoying the clutter-free, clean look of your kitchen countertops.

Aesthetics.  Beyond the organizational benefits, today’s cabinets are available in a huge variety of materials, styles and finishes to transform and brighten a dreary kitchen. They can also be embellished with architectural detail and unusual configurations to make your kitchen more interesting and unique. And don’t underestimate your potential enjoyment of bells and whistles such as full-extension drawer glides with a silent close feature. A kitchen cabinet update can increase the value of your home and make spending time cooking and entertaining in your kitchen more enjoyable.

Whether you want a new look in your kitchen, or just want to improve its functionality, consider updating your kitchen cabinets. New kitchen cabinets are a great way to give your kitchen a facelift without a complete remodel. Custom kitchen cabinets can add versatility and extra storage space, and maximize the layout of the room you love.

[photo: palindrome6996]